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Environmentally Friendly
We are a forward thinking company and use highly effective and innovative environmentally friendly cleaning products to clean in your home. It's a toxic world we live in and more and more people are suffering from allergies partly due to the potentially harmful chemicals, that are found within the home. It also hasn't helped that our homes have become better insulated and as a result indoor air quality has been greatly reduced.

We recognised the need to reduce this impact on our own health, and also the fragile Eco System many years ago, and quickly adopted the use of environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to clean in our customers homes. We like to think we've made a difference by using Eco-Friendly cleaning products in our business, helping to make a healthier living and working environment.

Next Generation Cleaning
We clean using next generation non-toxic and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, that are safe in use for ourselves and our customers. We do not use harmful products, aerosols or bleach within the home, and our cleaning solutions are totally safe, and are manufactured from renewable sources. They are also highly concentrated and are more economical to use than conventional, and questionable cleaning chemicals.

Offering Superior Results
We use high quality micro fibre cloths in our domestic home cleaning service, due to its proven dust and bacteria removal properties. Micro fibre traps and holds more fine particulates than any other type of cleaning cloth, and we can clean, dust and polish all types of surfaces offering superior results. We clean and dust from the top down finally finishing by vacuuming curtains, and soft furnishings before vacuuming the carpet and or hard flooring. The floors are then also damp mopped with a environmentally friendly non-residual cleaning solution, that leaves surfaces hygienically clean and fresh.

Thank you for cleaning my carpets, curtains and furniture. They look fantastic, and I won't leave it so long next time!

Mrs. Jo Moody Mrs. Jo Moody

Our carpets and upholstery are now fresh and clean. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend your company to family & friends.

Mrs. Ann Johnson Mrs. Ann Johnson

Your weekly cleaning service is fabulous, and a real god send in our busy household.

Mrs. Howard, Syston Mrs. Howard, Syston

Our upholstery and curtains look fantastic. Thank you so much!

Mrs. Allan, Syston Mrs. Allan, Syston

Domestic Cleaners Syston

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